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IBM Cloud App ID White Paper

We are happy to share that we have just published a technical white paper about building user authentication into your apps using IBM Cloud App ID. If you are deciding how to secure your applications with user authentication, this white paper provides a guide to the App ID service, and how to leverage it’s capabilities.

IBM Cloud App ID

 is a service that lets developers to easily add authentication, authorization and user profile services to apps and APIs running on 

IBM Cloud

. With App ID 




, you can get a sign-in flow working in minutes. Enable social log-in through Google and Facebook, enterprise log-in through SAML, or add email/password sign-in using App ID’s scalable user registry – Cloud Directory. Use the App ID 

User Profiles

 feature to store information about your users, such as their app preferences. Finally, instrument your apps with App ID to ensure authorized users have access to only what they should have access to. The app experience is 



 and most importantly, 



The App ID Whitepaper covers a range of topics, including an overview of the App ID service, our development and operations principles, App ID usage patterns, and an explanation of App ID capabilities. The table of content below outlines topics covered in the white paper for your convenience.

  • Introducing IBM Cloud App ID
  • The Rising Need for Application Identity
  • App ID Tenets
  • Features, Capabilities and Technology
  • Using App ID in your Applications
  • Usage Patterns
  • Summary and Next Steps
  • Useful links
  • Videos and blogs

Try it out!

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via IBM Cloud Blog

April 11, 2018 at 11:15AM