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I’m proud to share that IBM has won Frost & Sullivan’s Global Integrated Commerce Order Management Customer Value Leadership Award. The market research firm evaluated solution providers on their ability to deliver on the promise of a seamless omnichannel experience for shoppers and much more.

As customers move from physical stores to digital channels and back again, they expect a consistent, high-quality experience. And no matter where they end up making a purchase, they rightly assume things will be taken care of behind the scenes so that a painless, streamlined delivery or in-store pickup is the result. Making a sale is just the beginning. Effective order management and fulfillment solutions need to be in place to ensure the entire, complex omnichannel process is seamless and frictionless for shoppers.

Frost & Sullivan recognized the ability of the IBM Watson Commerce order management platform to:

  • Offer accurate promised delivery dates to customers,
  • Monitor inventory and proactively suggest flexible, alternative fulfillment options,
  • Perform complicated product configuration and quoting,
  • Integrate powerful AI and predictive analytics,
  • Optimize fulfillment against variables like fastest availability, capacity, shipping costs, and markdown avoidance,
  • Offer a range of deployment models, from on-premise to hosted, allowing for outsourcing, and pure cloud/SaaS.

The award also noted IBM’s:

  • Extensive global ecosystem of partners for collaboration in innovation and execution,
  • Ability to leverage analytics capabilities from across our own broad product portfolio,
  • Emphasis on user-centricity anchored in design thinking,
  • Continuous investment and focus on innovation, including areas such as AI, predictive analytics, Cloud and mobile technologies, while further enhancing scalability.

From the Frost & Sullivan award write-up:
“As a category-defining leader — customer focus, a well-honed, best-in-class ability to execute, and a relentless commitment to innovation have enabled IBM to provide the most outstanding customer value in Integrated Commerce Order Management solutions. With its strong overall performance, IBM has earned Frost & Sullivan’s 2017 Customer Value Leadership Award.”



via Watson Customer Engagement

April 2, 2018 at 09:12AM