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As the leader in AI-powered marketing solutions, we help organizations of all shapes and sizes harness data to deliver competitive, actionable insights that lead to better customer understanding and engagement. But are you making the most of your IBM investment to deliver personalized experiences at scale while freeing yourself up to be more innovative and creative? To deliver personalized and high performing, yet profitable, omnichannel experiences? To transform your operations and supply chain for higher value?

It’s time to learn how to do more. Join us at one of the complimentary events below to meet with industry peers and Watson Marketing, Watson Commerce and Watson Supply Chain experts. Get an in-depth look at the latest solution capabilities and roadmaps. Find out how your peers leverage AI to make their business a leader.

To join any of the events, reach out to your IBM Sales Representative, your IBM Client Success Manager or your IBM Client Support Professional. Don’t know who that might be? Just send us a note at

This is just the start, there are more coming. We’ll be updating this blog post as dates become final, more events are added, and if any changes take place. Bookmark this post and come back often!

Marketing solutions user groups

  • Las Vegas, March 21: marketing software
  • Tokyo: April 4-5: customer insights solutions
  • San Francisco, April 5-6: customer insights solutions
  • Chicago, April 18: customer insights solutions
  • Minneapolis, April 19: marketing automation solutions
  • Toronto, April 26: customer insights solutions
  • Austin, May 9-10: customer insights solutions
  • Atlanta, May 23-24: customer insights solutions
  • Philadelphia, May 30-31: customer insights solutions

Commerce solutions user groups

  • Costa Mesa, Mar 12-13: omnichannel commerce solutions
  • London, April 25-27: omnichannel commerce solutions
  • Raleigh, May 1-2: omnichannel commerce and digital experience solutions
  • Frankfurt, May 3: omnichannel commerce solutions
  • Chicago, May 8-9: omnichannel commerce solutions
  • New York, May 10-11: digital experience solutions
  • Toronto, May 21-22: digital experience solutions
  • Portland, June 7-8: order management solutions
  • London, June 20: order management solutions
  • Dallas, August 20-21: omnichannel commerce and digital experience solutions
  • San Francisco, August 23-24: digital experience solutions
  • Austin, August 27-28: omnichannel commerce solutions

Supply Chain solutions user groups – coming soon!




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March 15, 2018 at 09:12AM