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Even while powering through a global recession, Brazil has turned into a hotspot for entrepreneurialism, innovators and foreign business. Business owners will tell you that Brazil’s most talented and mature startup scene can be found in São Paulo, a major city with a growing technology presence.

For enterprises in any city, even beyond the metropolis of São Paolo, cloud disruption is a force that’s challenging the way businesses think about developing apps and unique customer experiences. With massive volumes of data stored across multiple cloud platforms, environments and existing systems, businesses today are grappling with the best way to harness these volumes of intelligence.

IBM Cloud Garage Sao Paulo

To help companies across Latin America take advantage of the potential that cloud can deliver, we’re adding another IBM Cloud Garage to our network of now 11 global locations, and this time, it’s in São Paulo. Our Garages bring together critical stakeholders on development teams from large companies to fledgling startups. These include product managers, designers, developers and software architects. These Garages help companies grasp the benefits the cloud can offer to develop apps quickly by helping transform aspects of their culture, development processes and the standard pace of innovation.

Once brought into a collaborative, entrepreneurial environment where they can think outside of the box, these teams are paired with IBM experts to design and build apps with the IBM Cloud Garage Method: bringing together IBM Design Thinking, agile and DevOps practices, and site reliability engineering. With the combined power of the IBM Cloud and our Garage experts, product teams have a plethora of high-value cloud services at their fingertips, including AI, DevOps, Internet of Things (IoT) and analytics, helping them to quickly build and deploy new apps, products, processes and systems.

Our São Paulo Garage is off to a strong start and is already showcasing the enormous amount of potential and talent that the region holds. To date, this new Garage has embarked on cloud-native projects for more than 15 clients, including helping BRF, a Sao Paulo-based global food company, and Carrefour, a multinational retailer, to build new blockchain innovations.

The addition of the 11th Garage follows the unveiling of the IBM Cloud Garage in Copenhagen, announced on 7 February. The São Paulo Garage comes at an important time, as IBM continues on its unique path as a leader in delivering high-value cloud capabilities which fuel innovation. With the advanced services that the cloud is now delivering, companies are learning new ways to discover and mine data for intelligence, build with technologies such as blockchain and AI, and create and deliver new apps at rapid-fire speed.

Businesses are already using our cloud to build new apps with blockchain, AI and IoT, and they will continue to search for new ways to access these tools and build better experiences. Whether it’s in thriving startup communities like São Paulo, the digital hub of the Nordics or in the United States, IBM Cloud Garages enable teams to take cloud innovation to the next level.


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March 7, 2018 at 12:12PM