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Think Jam / InterConnect 2016The team here at IBM Cloud is clearly excited for Think 2018. We’re providing more than a thousand learning sessions, hundreds of certification opportunities and the chance to work with some of best and brightest IBM has to offer. Despite all of that, we understand that IBM is not the only organization with talented people. That’s why we’ve also gathered customers, partners and other third party experts to share their expertise and best practices with your team. A great technology training session is one thing, but there’s nothing quite like sitting down with other industry leaders to hear exactly how they made those technologies work for their businesses. Here are just a few of the big names you’ll get the chance to work with at Think 2018.

  • American Airlines: In the airlines industry, third-party data from flight comparison websites are typically accessible from public cloud vendors. In order to harness data from a particular cloud and orchestrate its migration and accessibility within a multi-cloud or hybrid cloud architecture, secure, fast, interoperable data transport is essential. Hear how American Airlines has optimized their multi-cloud strategy to reign in data from multiple sources, minimize costs and write the data at line speed directly to object storage.
  • General Motors: When manufacturing plants are digitally dark, manufacturers get little insights on machine health and process effectiveness. This results in unplanned downtime, low productivity and high operational cost. Plant managers end up reacting to issues, and maintenance engineers are loaded with emergency maintenance tasks. To solve this problem, GM needed to predict process and machine failures in advance and optimize the performance of the shop. This session will showcase General Motors’ experiences and the lessons the team learned from this program.
  • Walmart and Aetna: Learn from a panel of IBM clients about how they have harnessed the power of APIs, microservices and cloud to accelerate towards digital transformation. The panel, which includes leaders from both Walmart and Aetna, will also share pragmatic approaches for adapting to the API economy and for leveraging microservices and DevOps practices.

Perhaps you don’t see your industry represented here, but this is only the beginning. These stories are just a small taste of the hundreds of great organizations you can meet at the event. Whether you work in hospitality or computer software, you’re bound to find industry experts willing to teach, learn and partner with your team. Don’t miss out. Visit the Think 2018 website and register today.



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March 6, 2018 at 11:54AM