The application landscape has evolved. Users expect responsive applications and will not tolerate failure. Customers will delete slow apps. With applications becoming more complex, there are also more opportunities for failure. Launching a killer app or going viral can be a huge win, but only so long as the application infrastructure can keep up.

A way to build more responsive apps

Reactive Platform is a modern platform for building resilient, responsive Java and Scala applications. Developed in partnership with Lightbend, Inc., the Reactive Platform introduces a programming model which builds in responsiveness, resiliency and elasticity through a message-driven, cloud-ready architecture. Built from open source components Akka, Play and Lagom, Reactive Platform makes it easy to build low latency, near real-time applications that gracefully respond to failures. Ideal for mobile, big data and IoT scenarios, the message-driven model enables the system to react to users, failures and load variances.
Companies are already realizing key business wins with Reactive Platform. One of the world’s largest Internet payment companies is processing 1B transactions per day on just 8 VMs. A large American multinational telecommunications company built a high performance production system from scratch in 8 months in preparation for a new product launch.

Learn how to build more responsive apps with Reactive Platform

Join us on Wednesday, February 28, 2018 at 11:00 am EST to learn more about Reactive Platform and the technology behind it. The webinar will include all of the following:

  • A explanation of the Reactive Platform and how it works.
  • Instructions on how you can use this tool to accelerate developer productivity.
  • Demos of samples applications.
  • A demystification of the Reactive world from veteran developer Hugh McKee.
  • Questions from you and your team.

Be sure to register today.

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