Open Trading Network Utilizes a Decentralized Exchange to Connect Different Blockchains

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The Open Trading Network seeks to connect the whole crypto world. One important service of the organization is to provide an option for a decentralized exchange.

Open Trading Network seeks to make the world more open for all market participants including ordinary people who are not (yet) part of the cryptocurrency space. One of the main goals of the organization is to create a set of market applications, which can be used effectively to various tasks, including managing all of a user’s crypto assets, performing cross-market transactions, securely storing savings, accessing the global marketplace, easily working with tokenized loyalty systems, and conducting purchases from a crypto wallet. The Open Trading Network’s main principles are transparency and speed, which can be utilized for organizations to easily and conveniently enter the cryptocurrency market, transit to a new ecosystem, and to provide regulatory tools for the authorities.

The Open Trading Network, which was created in partnership with the trading business IQ Option, operates a crypto exchange platform within a decentralized trustless network without a central hub in a quick, secure and transparent manner. The Open Trading Network also operates a universal wallet service where users can store all of their different cryptocurrencies in one place and can get informed about which is the best cryptocurrency to pay for a particular purchase, along with converting the coins through the Open Trading Network.

With a clear vision and competent team along with the necessary partnerships and funding, the Open Trading Network’s main intention is to combine isolated blockchain projects into a unified network so all of the blockchains can easily communicate with each other. The Open Trading Network’s platform will serve for the tokenization of real world and crypto assets with the capabilities of fully insured inter-network exchanges. All this, in a decentralized manner.

Apart from the exchange and the wallet, the Open Trading Network offers services to businesses too. Utilizing the power of smart contracts and a user-friendly interface, the business application will be used to various operations, such as crowdfunding, issuing tokens and listing the digital currencies instantly on exchanges, issuing tokenized loyalty cards, tokenization of services, integrating payment schemes, and even connecting custom centralized matching engines.

The OTN Depository serves for the storage of assets in the depository’s accounts, while, at the same time, guaranteeing the security of the tokenized assets in the Open Trading Network. The organization will create a separate application for managing, analyzing the depository and for monitoring the profits.

OTN’s price, the cryptocurrency powering the Open Trading Network’s ecosystem, can be easily checked every time by navigating to Users can also trade OTN on various cryptocurrency exchanges, such as livecoin or cryptopia.



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November 6, 2017 at 07:38AM