HiThing! uses Bluemix to help people and machines communicate

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“HiThing!, it’s too cold in here – can you turn up the heat?”

“HiThing!, where is the pallet with the shipment I’m looking for?”

“HiThing!, when is the next train leaving the station?”

If a device or machine is automated, people can ask HiThing! from Proasistech about it the same way they’d talk to (or text) their family and friends, using a simple mobile interface. People can also see how machines are talking to each other.


Connecting people and devices with HiThing!

The initial idea for HiThing! was a simple, human-machine interface for use around the home with various smart technologies. However, soon, Proasistech business leaders realized the chatbot solution was bigger than they initially imagined and could be put to use across industries.

That’s when Proasistech began looking for a technology partner. The company wanted a cloud provider with global reach and a solid reputation, which it found in IBM.

HiThing! is hosted on IBM Cloud. The Bluemix platform connects an artificial intelligence bot on one end, and people using mobile devices on the other. The bot can be integrated with existing systems and people communicate with them using natural language. For example, a user can assess and control lighting with a cell phone.

As a small Spanish startup without a lot of personnel, Proasistech appreciated a close personal relationship with IBM and the agility to speed the development process. The solution was deployed four months faster than expected at two-thirds of the projected cost.

HiThing IBM Bluemix

A social network of intelligent devices

HiThing! provides the intelligence that makes machines almost human. Users can ask the machine in their own language, and HiThing! converts the conversation to the device’s natural language. A machine can tell users if there is something wrong before it breaks down. It can ask users about their preferences and needs proactively. Any human and non-human intelligence, algorithms, robots, things or machines of any nature or level can communicate among themselves.

With the global reach of IBM, Proasistech can grow geographically and bring HiThing! to more markets. The technology could be put to work in a range of different fields, including electrical appliances, research labs, industry, health, elder care, care for the disabled and clinical equipment.

Proasistech is confident that as it grows, it will benefit from additional IBM Cloud services – not only the secure Bluemix infrastructure, but also the corporate capacity to support different activities as the company evolves. That was one of the most important factors in choosing to work with IBM.

Read the case study for more details.



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October 13, 2017 at 10:06AM