How Autodesk sped up customer response times by 99% with Watson

Autodesk is a global leader in 3D computer-aided design, engineering and entertainment software. The company used Watson Conversation service to build AVA, a virtual agent that interacts with customers and responds to questions in real-time. AVA is designed to quickly answer common customer queries 24x7x365 and has already helped Autodesk significantly improve customer response times by 99%. Learn more:
Customers can ask AVA questions in natural language, as they would with a human agent. AVA recognizes keywords and phrases to understand the conversation’s context and the purpose of the query, and returns high-confidence answers quickly and effectively. Since implementing AVA, inquiries that took 38 hours for a human agent to respond to, now only take 5 minutes or less.
Learn how Autodesk is able to:
• Support 30,000+ conversations per month via a Virtual Agent
• Cut resolution time from from 38 hours to 5 minutes for Tier 1 inquiries
• Reduce their cost per case from $15-$200 (human agents) to $1 (Virtual Agent)
Explore how your business can use AI and chatbots to improve resolution time, reduce costs and delight customers.
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via IBM Watson

October 5, 2017 at 08:15PM