How Live Streaming Video Builds Employee Engagement at SolarCity

Nothing conveys emotion like live video. You watch it and feel it in the same moment.

This is a key reason why SolarCity uses live streaming video for the town halls, interactive trainings and webinars that bring together 15,000 employees across many locations and departments.

After SolarCity consolidated multiple video providers, 100x more viewers began watching major events, and up to 40% of them are using mobile devices to connect from the field.

The SolarCity video team started with one live video event per quarter, and because of increased demand from different departments, they now produce one live event per week—a 10x increase.

Watch this two-minute video to understand why streaming video has become a key part of SolarCity’s success. Results are summed up in this infographic.  Experiment for yourself with live production when you get started free with IBM Cloud Video.

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via Streaming Video Blog

September 26, 2017 at 06:58PM