Transforming your user experience for the new economy

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Anyone who works on software applications knows that design and UI can be a massive part of the process. With today’s customer-first approach to business, customers are demanding an experience that is intuitive, simple and engaging. One report even suggests that by 2020, a quality customer experience will replace price and product as the primary brand differentiator. Design is essential to creating that experience.

That’s why IBM Cloud has taken steps towards an even better user experience by creating resources for both designers and developers working on the IBM Cloud platform. You should not have to spend valuable time and resources reinventing the wheel with every application. The design teams at IBM have recognized this and created a consolidated library of all the best design assets. And guess what, now this library is open-source and available for your next project, free of charge.

What is Carbon Design System?

Carbon Design System began as a small internal library of design and development assets for Cloud platform products. Over time, this library has grown and the team has added more and more assets for designers and developers working on the IBM Cloud platform. This led to the creation of a robust design system that the creators of Cloud platform applications can rely on to help streamline the development process and build products that are intuitive and consistent.

Carbon Design System is open-source

It’s not enough to provide these great tools for IBMers alone. As part of the IBM commitment to open-source these exciting UI resources are now available to the public, to help you achieve your UX goals.

To learn more about the design work IBM Cloud has been doing, visit the Carbon Design System website, or see these assets in action as part of the IBM Bluemix product portfolio. Stay tuned for another HUGE announcement about Carbon Design System this September.




via Bluemix Blog

August 30, 2017 at 01:48PM