Advansolar employs IBM Bluemix Garage to create SunPod Cyclo

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Bicycles made possible using the sun and the cloud

Electric bicycles are an especially popular means of transportation in cities where riders can often reach their destinations more quickly than if driving in congested traffic.

Electric bikes offer safer means of accelerating through intersections and up hills when riding on busy city streets. They’re also ideal for resort locations where an influx of tourists does not necessarily translate to additional automobile traffic.

Knowing they could capitalize on this e-bike market, Advansolar co-founders wondered how they could expand the concept of their existing solar charging stations for cars, e-bikes, and mobile devices to include comprehensive e-bike rental and charging stations.


Coincidentally, IBM had recently opened a Bluemix Garage in the same office building that Advansolar occupied in Nice, France. IBM’s Bluemix Garage provides the perfect environment for companies to build groundbreaking applications using IBM development methodologies.

Advansolar worked with Bluemix Garage experts to identify desired features and develop the SunPod Cyclo in the IBM Cloud. This completely solar charged e-bike station allows operators to secure, manage, and recharge fleets of e-bikes. The charging station also allows data to be charted regarding usage and maintenance history of each e-bike.

SunPod Cyclo charging stations use photovoltaic panels to capture solar energy while a range of cloud based services hosted in an IBM Cloud datacenter collect data and store it for up to 10 days. This allows for for one person to monitor and manage several sites at once.

The final product
These solar-powered charging stations open up new potential for transportation:
• easily movable
• ideal for seasonal operation
• well suited for commuting
• safer than traditional bikes
• eliminates the need to shower after the commute to work


The product was built and delivered in just weeks and the company estimates that it saved up to a year on development time, enabling it to get SunPod Cyclo to market 60 percent faster than expected. It also saved as much as 30 percent on development costs, which means additional resources for marketing and sales.

SunPod Cyclo made its debut in 12 locations that offer e-bike rentals as an amenity including hotels and resorts. Expansion into other markets will be simple with the company’s flexible development approach and the fact that SunPod Cyclo works with all brands of e-bikes.



via Bluemix Blog

August 30, 2017 at 12:06PM