Streaming Media Readers’ Choice Awards 2017: Vote IBM Cloud Video

Streaming Media Readers' Choice Awards 2017

The Streaming Media Readers’ Choice Awards 2017 are now open for voting. Conducted annually since 2007, the awards represent the online video industry’s shining stars as selected by users. Categories range from cloud based solutions, like the Live Streaming Platform category, to physical offerings, like Encoding Hardware (Live). This year, IBM Cloud Video has been nominated in the following categories for the following solutions:

– Cloud Encoding/Transcoding Service (Streaming Manager)
– End-to-End Workflow Solution (Streaming Manager / Streaming Manager for Enterprise)
– Enterprise Video Platform (Streaming Manager for Enterprise)
– Live Streaming Platform (Streaming Manager)
– Media & Entertainment Video Platform (M&E)
– OTT Platform for MSO and MVPD (M&E)
– Small/Medium Business Video Platform (Ustream)
– Video Optimization Solution (Streaming Manager / Streaming Manager for Enterprise)

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For more information on the awards, including our history at them, please read on.

Voting Details

Today, August 14th, marks the opening of the 2017 Streaming Media Readers’ Choice Awards. People can cast their votes for those nominated until September 25th. Once voting is closed on September 25th, a confirmation email will be sent to confirm each vote. As a result, please make sure an active and valid email address is used when voting.

The winners will be announced November 3rd at the Streaming Media West trade show. If as done in years past, the winner and two finalists will be announced for each category. The trade show is being held at the Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort and Spa in Huntington Beach, California.


Nominated Categories

This year, IBM Cloud Video has been nominated in a total of 8 categories. These categories include:

Live Streaming Platform
Solution: Streaming Manager

A veteran for winning this award, this category honors the live streaming capabilities of various solutions. IBM Cloud Video offers a couple of services aimed at offering a live streaming platform, including the nominated Streaming Manager. This solutions includes various other components nominated, such as real-time cloud encoding, real-time analytics and real-time QoS (Quality of Service) elements built to provide scale.

Enterprise Video Platform
Solution: Streaming Manager for Enterprise

This would mark the third time that IBM Cloud Video/Ustream has won this award. The solution nominated is our Streaming Manager for Enterprise platform, which secures content using a variety of methods, such as SSO (Single Sign-On) for support like SAML based solutions, while also being able to track users on an individual level of compliance reasons or to gauge effectiveness of content.

Cloud Encoding/Transcoding Service
Solution: Streaming Manager

IBM Cloud Video’s enterprise solutions offer built-in cloud transcoding for live and on-demand content. This includes making streams capability over a variety of devices, but also services adaptive bitrate streaming to allow a multitude of different connection speeds to watch the content.
End-to-End Workflow Solution
Solution(s): Streaming Manager & Streaming Manager for Enterprise

IBM Cloud Video offers an end-to-end solution for both Streaming Manager and Streaming Manager for Enterprise. This includes everything from an encoder, video player, embed codes, hosted web pages and more, with flexibility to use other components such as your own RTMP based encoder for live streaming.
Media & Entertainment Video Platform
Solution: M&E

IBM Cloud Video has two solutions in this category, one is its Video Distribution and Workflow which alleviates the complexity of ingesting, compiling and preparing both metadata and video assets for delivery to virtually any screen. This includes various features from cloud transcoding to digital electronic sell-through (EST) delivery and licensing window management.
OTT Platform for MSO and MVPD
Solution: M&E

OTT Video Management from IBM Cloud Video offers intelligent content distribution capabilities for direct and third-party OTT streaming services. This also includes granular access controls to monetize content through subscription and other user based models. In addition, content owners can manage their multiscreen content strategy from a single framework and utilize UX tools to drive a compelling user experience.
Small/Medium Business Video Platform
Solution: Ustream

IBM Cloud Video offers Ustream as a self-serve solution. This makes it easy for small and medium sized businesses to quickly sign up and begin streaming, or creating archives of on-demand content that they can host on their own site or share through social networks while having access to real-time analytics to see performance.
Video Optimization Solution
Solution(s): Streaming Manager & Streaming Manager for Enterprise

Content owners are equipped with a variety of tools, beyond built-in encoding, to enhance their video content. This goes beyond improving compatibility, to offering a reliable solution through a multi-CDN connection. Using IBM Cloud Video’s SD-CDN (Software Defined Content Delivery Network), content owners have access to built-in QoS (Quality of Service) technology to direct viewers to the best source not just on a bitrate level, but on a CDN and edge server level as well.


IBM Cloud Video/Ustream at the Readers’ Choice Awards

2017 marks the first year that Ustream will be represented by IBM Cloud Video, where as last year it was as “Ustream an IBM Company”. Ustream, and by extension IBM Cloud Video now, has had a long history with the Readers’ Choice Awards.

Of note, since 2013, Ustream has always won the Live Video Platform award, although called the Live Streaming Platform award in 2016. 2010 was the first year that Ustream won this category, while in 2009 it was nominated. With your help, we are hoping that 2017 will be the fifth consecutive year that we win this award.

Streaming Media Readers' Choice Awards

Below are all the prior awards that Ustream has been award, either as the winner although two instances as a runner-up which are denoted.


  • End-to-End Workflow Solution
    (Ustream Pro Broadcasting)
  • Enterprise Video Platform
    (Ustream Align)
  • Live Streaming Platform
  • Media & Entertainment Video Platform
    (Ustream Pro Broadcasting)
  • Small/Medium Business Video Platform
    (Ustream Pro Broadcast – Runner-up)



  • Enterprise Video Platform
    (Ustream Align)
  • Live Video Platform
  • Video Advertising Solution
    (Ustream LiveAd)



  • Streaming Media Readers Choice Awards 2017Live Video Platform
  • Video Advertising Solution
    (Ustream LiveAd)



  • Live Video Platform



  • Best Streaming Innovation
    (Ustream Broadcast for Friends)



  • Mobile Video Platform



  • Live Streaming Platform



  • Live Video Streaming Platform
    (Ustream – Runner-up)


History of the Readers’ Choice Awards

The Readers’ Choice Awards are conducted by Streaming Media, a magazine and web presence. Streaming Media focuses on being a resource for industry professionals who dabble in utilizing digital media technologies, often around video applications. The Streaming Media Readers’ Choice Awards have been around for over a decade, and started publishing the results for the awards online in 2007.

The awards attract thousands of voters each year, with the 2016 event garnering 34,000 votes.

Please show your support for IBM Cloud Video by voting using a valid email address, that will be validated through a confirmation email later in the process.

Streaming Media Readers' Choice Awards 2017



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