A global Bluemix catalog makes building things easier

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A couple of months ago, we announced that the Bluemix console went global! That release brought about several key benefits, and you can read about them at this blog post.

Today, we are expanding on those changes to make our catalog global and to make deploying things where you need them on Bluemix more straightforward.

Going forward, the catalog at http://bit.ly/2w31dLu will always show all of the services available on Bluemix,¥ no matter what region you have selected. However, not all of our services are available in every region, so we have added a few options to the configuration screen.  This allows you to have more control over where a particular instance gets deployed.

Bluemix catalog details page

When you select a tile, you’ll see the region, org, and space selection options in the page that you can set independently of the region, org, and space you have selected in the header. Once everything is configured how you want it and you create the instance of the service, we will take you to the service details page for that instance. Note that once you’re there, your region, org, and space selection has changed to reflect the newly deployed service instance’s location.

We hope this makes things easier for you. Keep building awesome things!



via Bluemix Blog https://ibm.co/2pQcNaA

July 27, 2017 at 10:24AM