Gartner: IBM Leads in B2B eCommerce

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Complexity and Scale: Two Crucial Components of Effective Digital Platform Technology

In today’s global economy, many B2B companies work with businesses around the world, dealing with multiple languages, currencies and cultural differences. This means that your eCommerce website must handle all of these complexities while providing a seamless and easy-to-buy experience for your customers.

When designing the user experience, you must also account for the future. Your company will likely not look the same in five years, or even one year, as it does today. The most successful companies don’t stand still – they adapt to the evolving market. In order to fully adapt your e-commerce site to your customer’s demands, it must be designed to scale.


Gartner 2017 Magic Quadrant Recognizes IBM as Leader in Digital Platform Technology

The Gartner 2017 Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce recently named IBM a leader among Digital Platform providers for its strength in handling global complexity and scalability. The report notes that by 2020, companies that are digitally trustworthy will generate 20 percent more online profit than those that are not. Business that create e-commerce sites that deliver trustworthy experiences today will be positioned to generate greater profits down the road.

With IBM e-commerce technology, you have a complete solution that provides the necessary tools and features for all phases of eCommerce business. Because our platform is 100 percent API enabled, you can customize your eCommerce system for your specific customers.


Using B2B eCommerce Technology to Grow Your Business

With IBM B2B technology, your business benefits from:

  • B2C-like experience

    Your customers access many B2C e-commerce sites in their free time, and often use these experiences as their benchmark for B2B sites as well. When you use the IBM e-commerce platform, you give your customers a B2C-like digital experience that is flexible, personalized and convenient. At the same time, the e-commerce service acts as a B2B platform focused on providing an omni-channel experience.

  • Self-service efficiencies

    Your B2B e-commerce website constantly evolves with customer expectations, market conditions and new technological capabilities. Having the ability to easily update your site is critical to staying agile. When a service provider is needed to implement these changes, it costs you money and time while delaying your time to market. IBM’s B2B technology has a self-service component that allows you to manage accounts, entitlements, real marketing and store administration.

  • Accommodates complex B2B models

    B2B commerce is not simple. IBM knows how to manage complex, global and highly-trafficked commerce sites from supporting our own complex B2B business while supporting some of the largest B2B commerce sites in the world. We also understand that B2B customers engage with brands differently than B2C customers and use this knowledge to provide immediate feedback on your ability to meet business goals.


In order to remain competitive in a landscape of evolving eCommerce systems, brands must be able to exceed industry standards and customer expectations. Become a leader in your industry with IBM’s B2B eCommerce technology, which is designed to scale and grow your business.





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July 14, 2017 at 01:09PM

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