IBM Bluemix Container Registry is now live

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The registry has been an integral part of IBM Bluemix Container Service since its inception in June 2015. IBM has announced that the IBM Bluemix Container Registry is live as a separate offering within the IBM Bluemix platform. The registry is your location to safely store and share Docker images in a multi-tenant, highly available, and scalable private image registry that is hosted and managed by IBM. Get started by setting up your own image namespace and push Docker images to your namespace.

By leveraging IBM Bluemix Container Registry, you can also take advantage of the capabilities provided by Vulnerability Advisor which introspects every layer in each image prior to instantiating a live container from an image, ensuring security insight to your environment.

Each Bluemix account has a free tier, allowing you to store 500 MB of private Docker images without charge.  After that tier, you pay a flat rate per GB to store images and leverage Vulnerability Advisor capabilities.  Inbound traffic as a result of pushing images to your registry is free.  Outbound traffic from the registry is free up to 5 GB per month and then a per GB rate after. Existing users of the registry have 30 days to migrate to the new service plan.  After 30 days, users are automatically migrated, and those who use more than 500 MB of storage cannot push additional images to the registry without upgrading to a paid plan or removing existing images first.

What is IBM Bluemix?

Bluemix was announced in June 2014 as the IBM Cloud platform, providing users with a variety of compute choices as well as over 140 IBM and third party services. We have released a beta of the Kubernetes capabilities for IBM Bluemix Container Service. Try it today and let us know what you think!

To get started, visit IBM Bluemix here.

Also join the discussion on Slack.  Email if you cannot join automatically.



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June 27, 2017 at 01:03PM