Continuous Release beta now available

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The beta version of the IBM® Cloud Continuous Release Bluemix® service is now available. Continuous Release in an enterprise-scale release management tool that makes it easy to combine on-prem and cloud-native tools into a single release event. You can, for example, combine Continuous Delivery pipeline tasks with UrbanCode Deploy tasks in a single deployment plan.

With Continuous Release, you can automate as much of your release process as you need. Combine manual tasks with automated tasks that manage Continuous Delivery composite pipelines and UrbanCode Deploy applications. Other task types automate email messaging and Slack notifications.
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Beta features

Some of the beta features include:

  • Teams use releases to collaborate on multiple deployments and events.
  • Coordinate releases across multiple Bluemix organizations.
  • Combine Continuous Delivery composite pipelines and UrbanCode Deploy applications in a single deployment plan.
  • Use the calendar to manage release milestones and blackout windows.
  • Import and customize events and releases.

Bluemix beta services

Like many Bluemix services, Continuous Release went through an experimental phase before the beta release. During the experimental phase, users were free to try the service as new features were added at a steady cadence. With the beta version, Continuous Release is still free and limited support is now available. If you haven’t already, open a Bluemix account–it’s also free. Early adopters can influence product direction with their feedback.



via Bluemix Blog

June 27, 2017 at 01:03PM