IoT Platform Widget Library – Rapidly Build Application User Interface with Real-Time Data

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The IoT Widget Library allows developers to rapidly build an user interface for their IoT application, processing real time data from the physical and simulated devices. This library, written in HTML 5, can be embedded in major UI frameworks, including Angular JS, React/Redux, Polymer, and HTML 5.


The widget library offers the following features.

  1. Most popular UI components

2. Various data visualization forms, such as line charts, bar charts and pie charts


3. Pure HTML 5 based widgets

4. Open source libraries supported, such as ibmiotf client library, c3.js, d3.js, floorplan, and open layers


Are you ready to build an IoT app UI? Check out our widget library.



via Bluemix Blog

June 26, 2017 at 03:27PM