Optimizing online merchandising by integrating your existing storefront with IBM Watson Commerce Insights

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Picture it, an online store that generates good revenue, but has the chance to blow out the competition. What if I told you that you can integrate your existing storefront with Watson Commerce Insights to give your store a boost against the competition? Make online merchandising easier by seeing the key performance metrics that you need to make smart, quick business decisions.

By seeing the metrics over your e-commerce store, you can quickly see how your products and categories are really performing. Armed with this newfound knowledge, you can quickly take these insights and spring into action to promote underselling products, or to create a campaign to draw traffic to compete with your in-store promotions. Integrating your store with Watson Commerce Insights would give you a leg up on your competition and make your competitors wonder what your secret is.

An overlay shows metrics for products or content. Each overlay in the store is triggered by a simple html tag. For example, this tag
<div dataci_toolbar=”${WCParam.categoryId}_productListing”>, displays the overlays in the image below:

Figure 1. An example of an overlay for the product list widget

There are four primary types of overlays you can use in your store; each have different capabilities. The first overlay is the Category name overlay, which displays metrics so you can see how a particular category is doing overall. The next type of overlay is the Product widget (see Figure 2), and it displays the controls around the product image on the product details page.

Figure 2. An example of the product widget which displays controls on the product details page

The third overlay is the Product list and product overlay, which displays metrics specific to a product. (see Figure 1). Last, but certainly is not least, is the e-Marketing Spot overlay (see Figure 3), which shows the click and click to conversion metrics. How many people are clicking on your promotional spots?

Figure 3. An example of an e-Marketing Spot overlay

Adding metrics to your products, categories, and e-Marketing Spots is a task that is well worth the time and energy as you will reap the benefits. You gain a deeper insight into the activity in your store, and quickly see the data you need most.

From refining promotions as you see them in action, or realizing a particular product is low in inventory due to unpredicted high sales, integrating your store with Watson Commerce Insights makes your store a more powerful weapon in the marketplace.

In my next blog in this series, we will explore other features in Watson Commerce Insights that will help you move faster and more efficient in your world.

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June 23, 2017 at 02:21PM