Rise of the Bots (The nice chat ones)

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So this chatbot stuff is going crazy – everyone wants one, for good reason – Done right, they can seriously improve customer interactions with your business.

Automated chats provide your organization with the ability to communicate, drive ecommerce, assist customer service teams and sales associates, and provide a range of personalization and customer engagement.

It’s why a lot of large retail and technology operations, like Staples, H&R Block, 1-800-FLOWERS, Macy’s, and more, are using IBM’s cognitive technology to improve their own customer service and customer engagement operations.

Watson Chatbot Tech

The IBM Bluemix platform has a world-class chatbot-enabling service called Watson Conversation, that allows creation of an application that understands natural-language input and uses machine learning to respond to customers in a way that simulates a conversation between humans. An internet search will easily show the popularity of the Watson chatbot technology, and here here is a great article about the full Watson capabilities.

Do they really make a difference?

Blake Morgan explained in a recent Forbes article How Chatbots Will Transform Customer Experience  …”Companies lean on technologies to engage with customers, to help them with customer service, or enhance their customer experience through technology. Sometimes we call this “digital transformation” … Digital transformations have the opportunity to greatly improve a company’s customer service and the overall customer experience.”

Very true words, that “digital transformation” is critical for companies in adapting to new customer interactions and gaining attention in a crowded marketplace, as well as servicing and keeping existing customers.


But I hadn’t personally interacted from the chatbot technology side of the equation until I saw the folks over at Cybrid Industries, a company formed out of the technical innovation and problem solving needs from another company, Codify Academy. I guess that’s what you get when a company that teaches programming to others has a technical computing challenge. They solve it with their own coding abilities.

Matt Brody, Co-Founder of Codify Academy described their problem well: “We had about 20 new leads a day, but there were only three of us. I wasn’t able to keep up while doing everything else my job required. On top of the time crunch, having the same conversation 20 times a day was driving me crazy. I felt like a robot.”

That “robot” idea lead them to the IBM Watson chat technologies. Once “Bob Bot” was quickly implemented, “The change was immediate and dramatic. Initially, “Bob Bot” was answering questions on our website through a live chat window. He was talking with a dozen or more leads a day and he converted ~30% into a scheduled phone call, an incredible number for any live chat person to achieve … We saw a 400% sales increase immediately!”

The Winning Combination

How did these talented engineers use their imagination to execute these exciting results? It doesn’t hurt that they used a cutting edge Cloud Platform like IBM Bluemix and the Cloud Foundry compute option. Bluemix provides rapid development capabilities, full DevOps, and a range of compute options like Cloud Foundry, Containers and Serverless. But the real sweet-spot are the many fully integrated services that make application development especially productive: In this case the world-class Watson services like Conversation, Dialog, Personality Insights, Natural Language Classifier, and Tone Analyzer. These, along with many dozens of other available services, allow creation of the broadest range of applications and implementations.

How can you get this too?

Your engagement with these fascinating and cutting-edge technologies is closer than you think. A free Bluemix account is all you need to begin your journey into this world of rapid Cloud Foundry applications, cognitive services, chat bots, improved customer engagement, and your own “400% sales increase”. And a chatbot technology delivery company like Cybrid Industries could help you if you need it.

But no matter how, consider your own chatbot journey.




via Bluemix Blog https://ibm.co/2pQcNaA

June 9, 2017 at 04:27AM