Cloud Foundry Summit 2017 & the IBM Server Challenge IV Virtual Reality

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IBM is bringing a great virtual reality experience to the Cloud Foundry Summit – and check this out, it runs on Cloud Foundry!

Let me explain…

These cool cats at Sector 5 Digital

built the IBM Bluemix Server Challenge VR Game, a unique Virtual Reality experience designed specifically for IBM that explores the data centers that run the IBM Bluemix Cloud Platform.

The basics: “Enjoy a mix of puzzle-solving and dexterity that’s easy to pick up and play, but trickier to master, as you enter a virtual server room and fill an empty rack with the best equipment on the market –all chosen from a list of IBM products. Just like in real life, Bluemix solutions are integral to the completion of any level –you have to add them to your system before you can win! Beat the clock to achieve a high score –who will win the IBM Server Challenge?”

Here is it in use:

It’s a lot of fun, a very immersive experience, the best VR I’ve yet experienced. Your score is calculated and shown on a side screen.

Cloud Foundry

And that’s where Cloud Foundry comes into play. That scoreboard is run on Bluemix Cloud Foundry, dynamically updating in realtime from the conference floor back to the cloud.

An app with excellent designed graphics, matching the overall game design, with dynamic updated data. Whenever the game is being run the scores can be reset for a new conference.

So Bluemix Cloud Foundry – used for business and for gaming!



via Bluemix Blog

June 12, 2017 at 09:57AM