Training helps users get more out of Watson Developer Cloud

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Watson Developer Cloud trainingWatson has come a long way since first winning against the Jeopardy! champions in 2011.

Watson was initially delivered via supercomputers, but now, with the evolution of cloud platforms, the power of Watson is pervasive and available to all via the Watson Developer Cloud. Delivered through IBM Bluemix, Watson Developer Cloud provides a suite of cognitive services that empower developers to extend and build next-generation user experiences in applications that can interact with humans.

Watson Developer Cloud provides a set of building blocks for developers to build cognitive solutions. Many Watson Developer Cloud services can be consumed by applications as cognitive services with no training effort required.

For example, the Language Translator or Tone Analysis services can, as the names suggest, translate from one language to another or analyze the tone of a body of text by simply invoking the service.

Other services on Watson Developer Cloud require training. Examples include Retrieve and Rank, Discovery, and the Conversation service. When working with a service that requires training, insights delivered by the service can only be as effective as the training provided.

The purpose of AI and cognitive systems developed and applied by IBM is to augment human intelligence. When using Watson’s Discovery service on Bluemix, for example, to augment human ability to glean insights from data, we first need to train Watson to understand information specific to areas of focus, such as an industry or scientific discipline.

Users can do this using Watson Knowledge Studio to create a custom model that the Discovery service will use to enrich document content with cognitive metadata. Similarly, when using the Retrieve and Rank service, training a machine learning ranker helps Watson surface the most relevant information from a collection of documents. Training in each instance requires domain-specific expertise with relevant training data. Without this domain expertise and training, Watson cannot reach its full potential with a user’s data.

Watson’s ability to augment human intelligence is dependent on training, domain expertise and, ultimately, human intelligence. Watson Developer Cloud provides access to Watson capabilities with nothing more required than an IBM Bluemix account.

Why not build cognitive capabilities into your applications with IBM Watson on Bluemix?

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June 7, 2017 at 03:30AM