Track and plan your Bluemix development

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After you have a great app, or an idea for one, you want to plan and track its development and release. The IBM® Bluemix® Continuous Delivery service provides issue-tracking capabilities through Git Repos and Issue Tracking, which is hosted by IBM and based on GitLab Community Edition.

Continuous delivery goals are achieved using toolchains.  A toolchain is a set of tool integrations that support development, deployment, and operations tasks. You can add other pre-defined planning and issue-tracking tools, such as GitHub Issues and JIRA to your toolchain. You can also customize your toolchain to include other track and plan tools by adding a custom tool integration.


Both GitHub Issues and Git Repos and Issue Tracking provide kanban boards and issue tracking for planning. To learn more about the kanban feature in Git Repos and Issue Tracking, see Issue Boards. To learn more about  kanban boards using Projects Boards in GitHub, see

Sample GitHub Project Board
A sample GitHub Project Board

Upgrading from a DevOps Services project

If you are upgrading your DevOps Services project that used Track and Plan, please see the Upgrade tutorial FAQ for more information on migrating.


May planning and tracking help all your Bluemix apps be successful.



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June 6, 2017 at 03:21AM