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We’re happy to announce that as of July 1, 2017, all IBM Compose database deployment prices will be reduced. To re-phrase Chicken Little, “The prices are falling, the prices are falling!” If you’re not familiar with IBM Compose, it’s a fully-managed service to run open source databases for applications.

Starting July 1, 2017, all Compose services will be put into new pricing tiers. For example, Compose for MongoDB currently starts at $31 for the first GB of data plus an additional $18 per GB. Under the new pricing plan, MongoDB starts at $13 less; the first GB is $18 and each additional GB is another $18. Initial deployment costs are dropping for all the other Compose services as well, including Redis, Elasticsearch, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SycllaDB, RethinkDB, etcd, and RabbitMQ.

Just as importantly, we’re also introducing new pricing tiers based on the data that is being consumed (or in the case of in-memory databases, such as Redis, the amount of RAM allocated). As you consume more data, the cost per unit will drop. For example, with MongoDB, there is a 10% reduction in cost per GB after your database crosses the 10GB threshold, and another 10% drop per unit at 25GB, and so forth. While the databases supported on IBM Compose are heterogeneous — NoSQL, SQL, JSON-based, wide column, in-memory, etc. — we’ve standardized on tiers which are applicable to all the databases. In memory databases, such as Redis, follow the same schedule of price drops per unit, but units are in MB, not GB.

In short, every IBM Compose customer will see a drop in pricing next month.

We changed to the new pricing because we wanted to double down on the Compose model of super simple pricing. Over time, other elements had complicated how we priced databases, but now, with a new model in place, there’s a streamlined way to price deployments based on used RAM or storage, which also offers discounting at the higher levels of use.

However, we didn’t change our fundamentals: Compose databases are deployed the same as always in highly available and fully managed environments. Every Compose deployment features high availability, automatic failover, daily backups, auto-scaling resources, 24/7 monitoring and support, a robust set of APIs for managing your deployments remotely, SSH/SSL encryption, and more.

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Keep an eye out for the upcoming price changes. The full schedule of changes and pricing tiers will be published when the pricing changes are made next month. Note that because of our hourly billing cycle for each month, customers will only see the new prices from July reflected in their August invoice.

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June 6, 2017 at 07:24AM