Bluemix Cloud Foundry May 2017 Newsletter

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2017 is continuing to be an exciting year for IBM’s cloud platform Bluemix, and that includes the Cloud Foundry compute offering.

Here are some of the recent and upcoming activities and exciting happenings in the world of Bluemix Cloud Foundry.

Cloud Foundry Certification 2017

2016 was a great year for the IBM Bluemix cloud platform: fantastic growth, constant innovation and investment, and extensive adoption by world class organizations, both large and small. IBM Bluemix Cloud Foundry has been a big part of that success, IBM is the largest Cloud Foundry installation in the world. Building on that momentum, IBM is especially proud to earn the Cloud Foundry Foundation 2017 PaaS Certification. This certification program is essential in helping customers make informed decisions regarding their investment in PaaS, ensures application portability across the broad range of Cloud Foundry community offering members, and fosters the building of cloud native platforms for developing and deploying enterprise cloud applications.

Read complete information about that certification here.

Cloud Foundry Diego

Earlier this year we began the upgrade of Cloud Foundry to the Diego architecture. Diego is a new Cloud Foundry architecture with a set of capabilities that enhances the application development experience and features new capabilities for hosting and constructing cloud platforms, like IBM Bluemix. Diego is the path forward for future upgrades, expansions, and features. Bluemix Public migration is finished and Bluemix Dedicated and Bluemix Local are well under way. You can read all the details here and here.

Cloud Foundry Summit Silicon Valley

Coming up soon is Cloud Foundry Summit Silicon Valley, a hugely successful gathering of Cloud Foundry and PaaS focused companies eager to expand their application development knowledge on the Cloud Foundry platform. Cloud Foundry Summit Silicon Valley, June 13-15, 2017 in Santa Clara, California, USA, is the summer’s biggest event for enterprise application developers and the industry’s preeminent event for developers looking to increase cloud-native skills, with offerings that include its on-site Developer Certification program and speaking tracks dedicated to specific languages, such as Node.js and Java. IBM is especially proud to be hosting the Node.js track with a series of great speakers as we talk about this important Cloud-native language.

See all the information on that great conference here.

Ready to explore?

As always, when you’re ready to start or continue your engagement with the most capable and robust Cloud Foundry implementation, go to Bluemix and find out how to seamlessly on-board your apps to the cloud with unsurpassed speed and quality.

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