We’ve earned our IBM Bluemix Cloud Foundry 2017 PaaS Certification (and more)

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2016 was a great year for the IBM Bluemix cloud platform: fantastic growth, constant innovation and investment, and extensive adoption by world class organizations, both large and small. IBM Bluemix Cloud Foundry has been a big part of that success, IBM is the largest Cloud Foundry installation in the world. We at IBM believe that this is a multi-cloud world that should be built on the best open standards, technologies, just like Cloud Foundry. When you’re ready to start your journey into the world of cloud application hosting, come to Bluemix and try the Cloud Foundry compute offering.

Below you’ll find the latest happenings in the Cloud Foundry eco-system with IBM Bluemix Cloud Foundry.

Cloud Foundry 2017 Certification

Building on that momentum, IBM is especially proud to earn the Cloud Foundry Foundation 2017 PaaS Certification. This certification program is essential in helping customers make informed decisions regarding their investment in PaaS, ensures application portability across the broad range of Cloud Foundry community offering members, and fosters the building of cloud native platforms for developing and deploying enterprise cloud applications.

Chip Childers, CTO, Cloud Foundry Foundation, describes Bluemix as having “long been at the forefront of helping businesses build Cloud Foundry applications that best serve their customers. A Cloud Foundry Certification ensures the customer that they are using the same core Cloud Foundry platform that all certified offerings offer. With IBM Bluemix’s continued Cloud Foundry certification, customers know they are working with a partner that is keeping up to date with the latest advancements in the Cloud Foundry software.”

The certification program is designed to ensure products with the Cloud Foundry branding are built from the same Cloud Foundry release published by the development community. Organizations moving their apps from other Cloud Foundry platforms to Bluemix Cloud Foundry can continue to reap the benefits of having little to no interruption.

“The adoption of Bluemix Cloud Foundry by organizations has been phenomenal”, says Don Boulia, General Manager of Cloud Developer Services at IBM and Cloud Foundry Foundation Board of Directors IBM representative”. “Customers use the Bluemix Cloud Foundry compute service to deliver an ever increasing number of cloud-native applications for their organizations across the Public, Dedicated, or Local delivery models. Combined with the other compute types like the Container Service and OpenWhisk, and with a host of unique services like Watson, customers are able to use the broad Bluemix ecosystem to quickly create full cloud-native application solutions. The Cloud Foundry Certification allows customers familiar with the leading cloud platform technology to onboard faster as they switch from less complete cloud solutions to Bluemix and to have confidence in their application running smoothly”.

Customer Success

Many customers are using Cloud Foundry in Bluemix for critical delivery of their production cloud applications, here are a few.

Advansolar – Using IBM Bluemix to create an innovative electric bicycle rental solution, leveraging a range of IBM cloud data services to accelerate development. Seeing real benefits:

  • 60% saving on development time helped Advansolar seize market share ahead of competitors
  • 30% – saving on development costs frees up capital to invest in sales and marketing
  • Supports – international growth by making it easier to adapt products for new markets

Ogilvy & Mather – One of the largest advertising networks in the world uses IBM Bluemix Cloud Foundry to rapidly respond to advertising campaigns up to moments before they begin. Speed, flexibility, and accountability are critical. Realized outcomes:

  • DevOps resources reduced 3x, time reduced 5X
  • Highly flexible and scalable platform that can be customized quickly for client projects

Cloud Foundry Developer Certification

Cloud Foundry has long since been established as one of the key industry standard cloud application platforms and has had great success with customer adoption. The Cloud Foundry Foundation is focused on accelerating the Cloud Foundry ecosystem through developer initiative training, showing the rapid implementation capability and value of the Cloud Foundry platform. You can read all about that effort here.

When you are ready to engage the most capable and robust Cloud Foundry implementation, please come to Bluemix and find out how to seamlessly on-board your apps to the cloud with unsurpassed speed, quality, and the guarantee of a certified offering.

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May 25, 2017 at 07:30AM