How to configure iOS Push Notifications

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  Push Notifications available as part of the Bluemix Catalog allows  you to send and manage both mobile and web push notifications.  In this tutorial we will be focusing specifically on how to configure iOS Push Notifications.

How to use iOS Push Notifications

Please watch the below tutorial to configure Bluemix Push Notifications Service and iOS mobile app.

  To enable a notification, you need to:

  1. Get your notification provider credentials.
  2. Create a push instance and set it up with the obtained credentials
  3. Enable push on your mobile application
  4. Send a Push Notification

  Service  have options to send

  1. Broadcasts
  2. Unicasts (based on deviceID and userID)
  3. tag-based notification
  4. Webhooks event-based notification
  5. Rich Media notifications
  6. Interactive notifications to your mobile and web browser application users.

  The service provides monitoring capabilities that helps to monitor Push Notification performance by generating graphs and reports from user data. See the docs for monitoring for Push Notifications.

  Push Notifications is available as a part of MobileFirst Services Starter Boilerplate and as Bluemix Dedicated Services. The SDK (software development kit) and REST APIs External link icon to further develop the client applications.


Download the Hello-Push sample and try Bluemix Push Notifications Service. For detailed information read our document



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May 24, 2017 at 04:03AM