Webinar: Optimizing Retail Banking with Serverless Actions

Given several challenges in the retail banking industry–primarily from disruptive new startups and a changing regulatory landscape–even the largest banks in the world have no guarantee of future survival. Success requires cutting-edge cloud computing solutions that achieve better resource utilization through automatic application scaling to match demand; and an associated, finer-grained cost model that helps distribute compute load at a lower cost.

Consider the example of one large global bank. They had been maintaining idle compute resources during most of a month in order to accommodate a spike in check-deposit activity on Fridays. Instead, with a serverless rearchitecture, they were able to optimize IT by using OpenWhisk actions to handle sudden increases in demand, cost-effectively scaling a workflow.

Learn how to create next-generation solutions for retail banking with the OpenWhisk open source project hosted on IBM Bluemix, which enables serverless architectures for event-driven programming.

Software Architect Daniel Krook takes you through a mobile check deposit use case, and discusses how to implement a solution that can handle unpreditable workloads efficiently with OpenWhisk. He’ll cover the key areas where OpenWhisk excels: Polyglot application development, data/event-driven programming, and hybrid/on-premises deployments.

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via Bluemix Blog https://ibm.co/2pQcNaA

May 5, 2017 at 09:18AM