New Bluemix Status Page

The Bluemix System Status page at has been updated.

The new page is part of an on-going effort to improve the experience of users consulting the status of the Bluemix system and services they use, as well as the reliability, timeliness, and diagnostic value of the information provided.


The following describes the main characteristics of the new Bluemix status page:

  • Augments the sources of information from which status information is gathered, including ticketing subsystems tracking problem resolution that complement the data from monitoring subsystems.
  • Allows users to focus more easily on the status of specific platforms, services, runtimes, or regions by introducing a tag-based filter system displayed prominently at the top of the page.  Content can also be filtered by date.
  • Information can be searched and sorted within the context of filtered content, providing more granular control over what is displayed.
  • Personalizes content by defaulting filters on the basis of the user context (e.g., a bluemix region).  Users can modify that initial, default filter by adding or removing filters.
  • Enables users to bookmark and reference the status of specific set of regions or components by persisting, in the URL itself, the active set of filters.
  • Organizes status content into status and notifications, resulting in a less cluttered, more efficient page layout.
  • Consolidates all the components with issues in the same view,  making it easier to identify problem areas.
  • Displays (optionally) the notifications associated with the component for which status is shown, thus providing insights into the root cause of a problem and its history.
  • In addition to including notifications relevant to a component, all notifications are included in a separate Notifications tab grouped by type (incidents, maintenance updates, security, and announcements.)  These types are the same as in the old status page.
  • Only the notification summary is shown initially.  Clicking on that notification summary navigates users to a separate page displaying the full notification and all its details. Because the notification details are displayed in a separate page, those details can be referenced and shared more easily.

The screens bellow illustrate the main characteristics of the new status page.

Your feedback is welcome.  Please visit the status page and complete this brief survey.


Status tab

Status tab with a service expanded showing related notifications


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