Life after an expiring Bluemix account – the difference between trial, paygo & subscription

CreatingYou are busy coding that next innovative, revolutionary application that is going to change life as we know it and you realize that your Bluemix account is about to expire. Oh no! Say it isn’t so! What do you do now? What are the different types of Bluemix accounts and how do they fit together? What happens when your Bluemix paid subscription or Global Entrepreneur Program participation expires? Can you still retrieve your data? Can I submit a credit card? These questions are among the most frequently asked Bluemix questions.

The account options

A variety of account options are available for accessing Bluemix: initial trial account, pay-per-use (PayGo), paid subscription, and Global Entrepreneur Program subscription. Each options has its own benefits:

    • A Trial account is active for 30 days and enables you to evaluate the free tiers of services on the platform. As you approach the end of the trial period, the administrative console displays the number of days that remain. Prior to the end of the trial period, you will also receive an email alert. When the 30 day trial ends, the account owner can log in and apply a credit card for immediate pay-per-use access. Or, you can contact our Bluemix Sales team to upgrade to a paid subscription. When a trial account is suspended, although the services in your account are not available, you have 30 more days before the account is de-provisioned and the data is removed. After the 30 days, the environment cannot be restored.
    • With a Pay-Per-Use (PayGo) account, a credit card is billed for charges that you incur above the published free limits. The account usage resets each month. You can cancel your account through the Bluemix console at any time. This cancellation request puts your account in a suspended state. Services and applications in a suspended account are stopped, but will not be deleted for 30 days. After 30 days, the account is de-provisioned, data is removed, and a back-up is not retained. During this 30-day period, the account owner can log in and apply a credit card for immediate account reinstatement. Or, you can upgrade to a paid subscription.
    • Subscription accounts come in two varieties: a paid subscription and a Global Entrepreneur Program subscription. Both subscription account types are a contractual agreement between you and IBM.
      • For paid subscriptions, you pay up-front to use Bluemix for a specific time period. In some cases, discounts might be extended to you depending a variety of factors. After you agree to a paid subscription, it cannot be cancelled for the length of the contract and must be paid contract term regardless of usage. If your usage exceeds the agreement, you are billed for overages.
      • For a Global Entrepreneur Program (GEP) subscription, you must be a qualified startup organization. These subscriptions provide access for a maximum of one year. For terms and conditions, see the IBM Global Entrepreneur web site.

      When you have a subscription account, you are notified 60, 30, 15, and 1 day prior to the expiration date. The account is suspended on the expiration date.

If you are a subscription customer who wants to continue to use the platform at the conclusion of your contract, you have two options: pay for a new subscription or have your account reclassified.

Adding a credit card to your account through the Bluemix Administrative Console will not stop a paid subscription or GEP account from being suspended.

There is one key difference between a trial account and a paid or GEP subscription. When a trial account expires, you can enter a credit card from the Bluemix Administrative Console and continue using your Bluemix account. However, paid and GEP subscriptions do not have this e-commerce option. Adding a credit card to your account through the Bluemix Administrative Console will not stop a paid subscription or GEP account from being suspended. Instead, simply ask us to reclassify the account by emailing A member of the Bluemix Sales Team will contact you to request your credit card information. Please allow 7 to 10 business days for processing to ensure that your account continues without interruption. This process is the only way to convert a paid or Global Entrepreneur Program subscription account to the Pay-Per-Use account type with a credit card.

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