Top Internet of Things articles and tutorials (April 2017)

Top Internet of Things articles and tutorials (April 2017)

The developerWorks Internet of Things editor shares her picks

So many things. So little time. That’s why I’ve highlighted the most
popular articles and tutorials on a variety of the things from our IBM developerWorks
Internet of Things

Implementing blockchain for cognitive IoT

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Taking over the #1 spot on this list is an article that brings Blockchain
and IoT together. Learn how to use the IBM Blockchain platform for an IoT
application in a multi-partner environment.

Turn your smartphone into an IoT device

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This tutorial continues to be wildly popular. We updated it in the past
month, based on user interface changes and based on comments on the
article. Learn how you can send sensor data that is generated by your
smartphone to IBM Watson IoT Platform, and then create Bluemix
applications that store and analyze the data.

Build a PHP app that uses GPS data from an IoT

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This tutorial continues to be popular. It’ll be updated in June. Are you a
PHP developer interested in building IoT applications? It can be difficult
to get started. This tutorial will help by walking you step-by-step
through the process of building an IoT application using IBM Bluemix cloud
with a PHP-powered application that is able to consume and use GPS data
that is generated by an IoT sensor.

Design and build secure IoT solutions, Part 1: Securing
IoT devices and gateways

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The number one concern for IoT developers is security. Part 1 of this
3-part series was also quite popular, as it helps you minimize security
risks in IoT apps by providing tested techniques for securing devices and
gateways. This article will be updated most likely in May!

Build your first IoT application

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This article returns to our top articles, after being updated for various
user interface changes. Use Node-RED and Twilio to configure your first IoT application
on IBM Bluemix. You’ll build a complete IoT solution that monitors a
remote server and then notifies a user if their computer or IT network is


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