Enable Text-to-Speech in AngularJS Web Apps with IBM Watson, PubNub

This post is contributed by partner, Josh Marinacci and originally appeared on PubNub  

“Welcome to our series on cognitive services in realtime web applications with IBM Watson. In this article, we dive into a simple example of how to enable text-to-speech in a realtime AngularJS web application with a modest 60-line PubNub JavaScript BLOCK and 80 lines of HTML and JavaScript. You heard me, just 140 lines!

Text-to-Speech services can be useful in a variety situations, such as accessibility for users with different abilities, to provide audio instead visual output to avoid distracted driving, and other cases where a screen may not be present. Technologies such as Amazon Echo, Siri and Google Now use text-to-speech as part of their voice user interfaces. Many customer service applications also use text-to-speech as part of inbound and outbound phone call processing. As these techniques gain popularity, user behavior and expectations are shifting from web-based to voice-based user experiences in many everyday settings.

So, what exactly are these “cognitive services” we speak of?”

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November 15, 2016 at 05:06AM