Breaking down the new Server API Work Group just launched a new Server API Work Group

At IBM, we are excited about the new Server API effort announced at As many of you know, when Swift moved to open source in December 2015, our Swift@IBM engineers began enabling Swift as a first-class language for server-side development. This work group is an important next step to simplifying Swift development and unlocking more server-side innovation for the Swift community.

How will the work group help simplify server-side Swift?

The Server API Work Group will focus on the missing fundamental APIs needed by Swift-based server frameworks and applications. The work group will cover base features most needed starting with networking, security and encryption, and HTTP parsing, eliminating the many different C library dependencies that are used today to build web frameworks by increasing the focus on using pure-Swift code. Removing the reliance on additional, and often disparate, low-level libraries needed today by server frameworks and applications simplifies use of Swift for developers and enterprises.

As we work with the community to bring Swift to the server our goal is to deliver a consistent end-to-end developer experience for our customers; our work has centered around the Swift language runtime, Foundation utility library support, and Libdispatch-based concurrency for Linux. In doing so we’ve not only helped bring Swift to the server, we’ve facilitated simplified refactoring of client-side Swift logic and SDKs so services can more effectively run on the server. Our popular Kitura web framework open source project furthers this simplification by streamlining the development of REST APIs.

However, in the course of building Swift-based web frameworks, developers still have to resort to filling the gaps in server API coverage not available in Foundation. This creates silos across the growing community of implementers and introduces unnecessary complexity. This new work group helps eliminate fragmentation and developer complexity when mixing and matching Swift-based packages and frameworks. Eliminating this developer requirement enables the community to focus their efforts on innovation that matters.

Interested in learning more and get involved?

Many of you may have already met Chris Bailey working in, at Swift meetups and events. He’s one of our Swift@IBM engineers and one of the new Swift API Work Group steering team members. I know he’s looking forward to working with the community on this next phase of server-side Swift enablement. You can read Chris’ blog here ( for more details about the new Server API Work Group.

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October 25, 2016 at 08:27AM