Panasonic, IBM to go global on household AI – Nikkei Asian Review

OSAKA — Panasonic and IBM will join hands to develop household systems powered by artificial intelligence, taking the connected home to a new level and bringing AI out of the industrial settings it is mainly found in now.

So-called smart homes automatically adjust such systems as air conditioning based on past usage data. The AI home envisioned by Panasonic and IBM would use self-learning systems to create a pleasant living space.

The pair will start off by introducing AI-based systems in a “smart city” being built in southeastern Berlin. Construction is slated to begin in 2017 and wrap up in late 2018.

Surveillance cameras are one application. Footage from the cameras will be sent to IBM’s computers via the cloud and analyzed by the Watson AI, which will learn to recognize the faces of residents and friends. If an unfamiliar person approaches the property, the system will contact the police or alert neighbors.

IBM and Panasonic also plan to apply AI to systems controlling such factors as temperature and humidity, using data gathered from sensors around the home to understand residents’ habits. With air conditioning, for example, the home will learn the settings and temperatures that users prefer and make adjustments accordingly.

Panasonic will likely pay IBM for permission to use Watson. But the Japanese company expects enough demand to make the cost worthwhile, anticipating that consumers will appreciate the increase in security and livability. It plans to bring AI homes to the U.S., Japan and Europe.

Panasonic has positioned housing as a key strategic business, as growth in that area would benefit other segments such as appliances and solar panels.




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October 5, 2016 at 08:03AM