I’m going to the Watson Developer Conference and why you should, too

We, at Watson, have abstracted the complex machine learning away, empowering developers with APIs for more than 15 cognitive services publicly available on the Watson Developer Cloud. The widespread availability of state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms is fueling the rate at which novel applications are being developed. As a result, the future of this cognitive era will help solve even the most difficult problems. Behind the creative discovery, design, and development of each innovative technology lies a cross-functional collaboration between experts and enthusiasts passionate for a change. Continuously learning, inspiring ideas, sharing expertise, and connecting with peers is essential for keeping up with, and defining, the rapidly evolving world of technology. The Watson Developer Conference is an event dedicated to just that. More...

IBM Unveils Industry’s First Platform to Integrate All Data Types for AI-Powered Decision-Making

IBM today unveiled “Project DataWorks,” a Watson initiative that is the industry’s first cloud-based data and analytics platform to integrate all types of data and enable AI-powered decision-making. Project DataWorks is designed to make it simple for business leaders and data professionals to collect, organize, govern and secure data, so they can gain the insights needed to become a cognitive business.