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IBM Cloud on Twitter

How the T&T industry can use #cloud technology to increase speed to market, agility and innovation:— IBM Cloud (@IBMcloud) September 20, 2016

IBM on Twitter

Taking #WatsonIoT technology inside the #velodrome to learn, adjust and improve performance:— IBM (@IBM) September 20, 2016

Adaptive Security Manager means Phreedom Phrom Phishing

According to the most recent data, over one half of Internet users receive at least one phishing email per day. What is phishing? Simply stated, it’s an email or phone call from an organization posing as legitimate targeted at an individual to acquire login credentials, financial information, or entice them to install malicious software. According to research by Google, almost half of generalized credential phishing attempts succeed. What can be done? More...

How VMware and IBM offer choice with consistency

There are still questions about the strategic partnership between VMware and IBM announced back in February. Many centered around two things: How much IBM will invest to ensure this partnership can scale and provide real value to both existing and new customers, as well as how the partnership would fit into the IBM vision of cloud. Fast forward six months later to last week’s VMworld event in Las Vegas and those questions now have solid answers. More...

Protect your service from malicious and well-intentioned users

It's not just malicious users that can hurt your application or service. Sometimes well-intentioned users will put a stake through your application's heart, taking your service down and triggering alerts to wake you up in the middle of the best dream you've had since you were a kid. Blacklists, capping, and throttling can be valuable tools to protect your service from malicious users. More...