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Identifying congestion in London using Bluemix and Watson

In March, I took part in the Smarter Travel Transport Hack, representing IBM at the offices of Landor LINKS in London. During the event, I worked with Harry from Transport API on a challenge for Traveline to provide novel ways of determining bus disruptions for the UK. This post documents the steps we took to build this app on Bluemix. More...

The Clearing House Taps IBM to Help Digitally Transform the U.S. Payments System

IBM today announced The Clearing House, a national payments system operator for the U.S. banking industry, has selected IBM to help deliver a new real-time payments system due to roll out in 2017. Set to transform domestic digital transactions, the real-time payments system (RTP) is designed to enable consumers and businesses across the U.S. to send and receive payments instantaneously.

IBM Research and MIT Collaborate to Advance Frontiers of Artificial Intelligence in Real-World Audio-Visual Comprehension Technologies

IBM Research today announced a multi-year collaboration with the Department of Brain & Cognitive Sciences at MIT to advance the scientific field of machine vision, a core aspect of artificial intelligence. The new IBM-MIT Laboratory for Brain-inspired Multimedia Machine Comprehension’s (BM3C) goal will be to develop cognitive computing systems that emulate the human ability to understand and integrate inputs from multiple sources of audio and visual information into a detailed computer representation of the world that can be used in a variety of computer applications in industries such as healthcare, education, and entertainment.

IBM DevOps on Twitter

zED Talk 7pm: Gotta Test'em All! @RosalindRad shares how cont integ is directly related to the velocity of test & deploy #IBMEdge #testing— IBM DevOps (@IBMDevOps) September 20, 2016