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What is MBaaS? A look at mobile back-end-as-a-service

Web and mobile applications cater to different devices and offer very different experiences. However, their back end needs are surprisingly similar. Both web and mobile devices need to effectively integrate with a variety of software and technologies, ranging from social networks to cloud storage and other enterprise apps.

Watson defining this era’s fashion zeitgeist

Fashion is a multi-billion-dollar industry with social and economic implications, worldwide. And this year’s Melbourne Spring Fashion Week (MSFW) was an opportunity for IBM Research to showcase how cognitive technology can transform how fashion designers engage and connect with their customers.

A practical guide to platform as a service: Acquiring and using PaaS

Fully embracing platform as a service (PaaS) implies a number of technical and organizational changes for customers. While it may be possible to port an existing, non-cloud-based application to use a PaaS environment, this is not likely to realize major benefits. A certain degree of change is required at the technological level, and perhaps a larger degree of change is necessary at the organizational level.