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Now showing: the world’s first cognitive movie trailer.IBM and…

Now showing: the world’s first cognitive movie trailer.
IBM and Watson went to Hollywood to help create the trailer for 20th Century Fox’s new suspense/horror film Morgan. But first Watson needed to understand what scares us. So Watson watched over 100 horror movie trailers and analyzed their imagery, audio tracks and scene composition to determine their underlying emotions and understand what elements make up a good trailer. Watson then watched Morgan in its entirety and selected the 10 best moments of the film for the trailer. IBM filmmakers edited these moments together to create a cohesive narrative and a finished trailer in just 24 hours. Go ahead and watch it now, if you dare.Watch the cognitive movie trailer →

The IBM Bluemix Garage: Transforming Business from the Inside Out

Living in San Francisco, it’s easy to see how quickly technologies can transform business. Cloud technologies are changing our lives every day. Through an app on my phone, I can order groceries or reach out to my doctor. To stay relevant, businesses must learn how to keep up with the rapid growth of technology. At IBM, we are leading digital transformations internally as well as with our clients and business partners. The IBM Bluemix Garage is one of the many places where this transformation is happening. I’ve been working at the IBM Bluemix Garage for almost two years, and in that time I have worked on everything from a week long proof of concept app for a startup to a yearlong project dealing with big data.