I can’t believe it’s already been a year since we launched Mobile Business Insights with the goal of becoming the go-to source for anything related to the mobile enterprise industry. Over the past year, we have had mobile thought leaders share news and insights on mobility services, mobile security, app development and much more.

We’re excited to see how Mobile Business Insights grew in reach, authority and, most of all, utility for you. We reached 225,000 total views and had more than 100 different contributors write for us from dozens of different companies, industries and countries. Earlier this year, we launched Mobile News, a news stream with the latest on the mobile enterprise industry, and we recently launched Events & Webinars, where you can find additional ways to further your mobile education.

Here are the top 10 posts from the first year of Mobile Business Insights:

Most views

1. “Enterprise mobility: 10 must-see sessions at Mobile World Congress 2016” by Scott Steinberg: 30,461 views

Unsurprisingly, the best-performing content on Mobile Business Insights is related to the largest mobile event in history: Mobile World Congress 2016. This article, which discussed the best Mobile World Congress sessions to attend, was written by Scott Steinberg, a bestselling expert on leadership and innovation. Scott heads TechSavvy Global, a management consulting and market research firm.

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2. “Application development platforms in the next five years” by Rosalind Radcliffe: 591 tweets

Rosalind Radcliffe is a distinguished engineer at IBM and is responsible for driving the DevOps for multi-platform architecture. Her article discusses how application development platforms have changed over the years as she examines it from two perspectives: the development platform and the tools provided for that platform.

Most Facebook likes

3. “Web analytics versus mobile analytics: Winner takes all” by Josie Baik: 9,636 likes

Josie Baik is a business strategist, mobile specialist, social influencer and millennial marketing expert with two startups under her belt. In her article, she discusses the differences between web and mobile analytics and explains how mobile analytics provide a new realm of data that web analytics cannot provide.

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4. “Monetizing analytics and mobile” by Penny Schlyer: 136 Facebook shares

Penny Schlyer is a portfolio marketing leader at IBM who helps business leaders understand the value that contextual and cognitive mobile services can have for their company. In her article, she discusses recent mobile trends in the realm of app consumption and gives three specific recommendations for business leaders who want to take a vision of mobile excellence and apply it to their business.

Most LinkedIn shares

5. “New Forrester study: Greatness in mobile apps generates five times more revenue, improves costs, deepens customer loyalty” by Phil Buckellew: 551 shares on LinkedIn

Phil Buckellew is VP and Mobile Leader for Global Business Services for North America at IBM and a respected thought leader in the mobile enterprise industry. In his article, he examines a Forrester report that demonstrates the importance of not settling for a good app, but rather striving for a great one. Great apps can generate five times more revenue, expand revenue across purchasing channels, improve cost savings by 12 percent and lead to 15 percent better customer loyalty rates.

Most engaging (most likes, shares and retweets)

6. “The latest mobile programming languages for application developers” by Chris Nerney

Chris Nerney is a freelance writer who specializes in enterprise technology, healthcare finance and IT. In his article, he gives a short introduction to five main programming languages and discusses the different factors for how they choose the best mobile programming language for each job.

7. “Is your business ready for a new way forward with mobile app development?” by Mike Gilfix

Mike Gilfix is the vice president of IBM MobileFirst and Smarter Process. In his article, he discusses the changes in the mobile application development space when two-thirds of mobile app projects fail to stay within budget, schedule and project objectives.

8. “Making sense of the mobile development ecosystem – Part 1: The mobile web” by Brian Rinaldi

Brian Rinaldi is a social influencer among mobile developers and serves as the co-editor of the Mobile Web Weekly newsletter. In this first of four parts, Brian explains to CTOs and development managers how to determine whether they really need an app or whether a mobile site is sufficient.

Editor’s picks

9. “Digital technology and coaching: How data analytics is stepping up our game” by Neal Henderson

Neal Henderson is a prominent cycling coach and owner of APEX Coaching and Consulting. In his article, he discusses how he uses IoT analytics as a cycling coach to help his team boost its performance and achieve better results. He coached the U.S. women’s cycling team, which won silver at the 2016 Rio Olympics. His insight into sports and the IoT is definitely worth a read!

10. “What is Swift? A look at the open source programming language” by Jonathan Hassell

As more and more developers shift to the Swift programming language, it’s important to take a step back and understand what Swift really is and what it is replacing. This article was written by Jonathan Hassell, who runs 82 Ventures, a technical writing and consulting firm based in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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