The 2016 US Open cognitive scoreboard

Emotion. What could be the most significant factor influencing the outcome of a tennis match. From a player’s emotional outlook and confidence level, to crowd support, and even the mood of the news. That’s why this year, IBM is giving tennis fans a new way to look at this game of emotion with the help of IBM Watson. Throughout the tournament, we’re using the Tone Analyzer API to reveal fan sentiment from social data; the Personality Insights API for player and fan personality profiles; plus the Alchemy News API to discover the current mood of the sports news —all in real time with a cognitive spin. And if you’ve ever wondered if you and your favorite player might have a few things in common, Watson can tell you that too: Watson can analyze your social feed to reveal your US Open Alter Ego in seconds, so you can at least go head-to-head in data sets.

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August 30, 2016 at 10:16AM